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Chiropractic Care

Gentle manipulation is utilized to correct your spinal misalignments eliminating nerve compression and stress on the spinal joints.

Decompression Therapy

Recognized as the most effective conservative treatment for disc injuries and numbness and tingling. A state of the art computerized table is utilized to decompress your spine.

Physical Therapy

A licensed physical therapist trained in musculoskeletal rehabilitation will work with you to eliminate your pain. Our goal is not just to correct the immediate problem but to prevent the condition from returning.


The ancient Chinese medicine practice is performed by a medical doctor. It is an extremely effective treatment for pain and a variety of conditions.

Laser Treatment

Cold laser is FDA approved and has been shown to heal soft tissue and nerves by stimulating cell metabolism (healing response). Effective for the treatment of carpal tunnel, elbow, shoulder, knee, foot, and soft tissue injuries. Neurological testing is available to determine if you have nerve damage.

Gait Training

An unweighting harness is utilized while walking on a treadmill to strengthen and stabilize the muscles which are essential for walking and re-establishes the neuro-muscular pathways.


The Pneumex System is utilized to correct scoliotic curves and prevent progression of the condition. All ages are treated. Do not take the wait and see approach to this condition!

Massage Therapy

Alleviate your stress and tension in our office. Appointment only.

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