Marilyn from Bergen County Recommends Rutherford Allied Medical
May 11, 2018

We thank all our wonderful patients who take the time to share their personal opinions about our care!

"I suffer from electromagnetic hypersensitivity. But when I come to Rutherford Allied Medical Group for pain management, I feel great.
The air around me feels clean and fresh and the staff makes you feel very relaxed.

They are an incredibly caring staff—you feel like a family member, in fact. I won’t go into the details of my health issues, but if it weren’t for the team here, I would really be a mess.
The team of chiropractors and physical therapists also help me to walk straighter and with less pain overall.

If you arrive feeling foggy, you will leave clear-headed.
Honestly, it’s just good to know that if I have any pain issues, they will be there to help me.

After being a fortunate patient of Rutherford Allied Medical for several years, I encourage you to reach out to them.
ell them Marilyn sent you."
Marilyn B, Bergen County, NJ

Jonathan Stops in for Low Back Pain Chiropractic Care
May 11, 2018

Jonathan Jasinski stopped in today for treatment for his chronic low back pain.

A longtime baseball player, he occasionally feel more than a little uncomfortable.

But after he comes in to Rutherford Alliied Medical Group, it's a different story.

He doesn't come in on a regular basis--just when he needs the be gone!

He's shown here with Cathy, our beloved office administrator.

Are you experiencing back pain that is starting to prevent you from fully enjoying life?

Clinical Director Dr. Michael Cooney and his team specialize in back care, chiropractic and physical therapy.

Reach out to the most experienced pain management team in Bergen County.

Call us at (201) 778-2061

Waking Up With a Stiff Neck?
Jan 29, 2018

By Dr. Michael Cooney
Clinical Director
Rutherford Allied Medical Group

"I keep waking up with a stiff neck," you say to your significant other. "I'm starting to think something is wrong."
You may be right. Whenever you have recurring symptoms of any kind, it's time to see your healthcare professional to find out what is happening and fix it sooner rather than later.
Repeatedly waking with a stiff neck is likely an omen of an underlying structural issue. Many people experienced previous injuries that affected the structural integrity of the cervical spine, such as old whiplash or another type of joint damage.
For the long-term, these injuries can be triggered again by joint or nerve irritation.

Morning Neck Pain Treatment
The most common cause of neck pain is the contraction of the muscles in the anterior (front) of the neck.
If the pain is primarily in the morning, gentle stretching can help:
Gently go through the range of motion (top, side, down, other side). 
Bend your head back and hold the forehead to exert pressure to feel the stretch in the throat area.
Repeat slowly five times. Trying different ergonomic positions during the day to diminish additional contributing symptoms:
  • Set your computer screen to eye level or above. 
  • Your TV should be high on the wall
  • Adjust your car seat so your head is up and looking over the dashboard (without your chin tilting upward)
Always remember muscles move bones, bones do not move muscles. 

Pillow Positioning
What you should be trying to maintain is the neutral position. When laying on a pillow, avoid sleeping with your head rotated or tilted. Sleeping on your stomach is the worst position for your neck. Your head, which weighs about 10 pounds, is exerting pressure on the side you are rotating. If you are not a back sleeper, laying on your side is the second best option since you can use the pillow to support the neck and skull in the neutral position. It is imperative to seek treatment if the symptoms persist or worsen. Pain or numbness in any part of the body should never be ignored. Nerve damage can be progressive, so the sooner treatment begins, the better. Chiropractors specialize in diagnosing and treating structural issues, including neck pain, using non-invasive treatments that provide quick and prolonged relief. We do not support the use of opioids, injections or procedures that involve causing pain to the patient. Rutherford Allied Medical Group has been the gold standard for personal, kind and successful treatment outcomes for more than 30 years. Please reach out to our friendly and respectful team by calling (201) 778-2061  
Physical Therapy Solves Chronic Rib Pain for Bergen USMC Veteran
Jan 29, 2018

Pete is a U.S. Marine Corps veteran who suffered for four years with chronic rib pain.
"You don't know how important your ribs are until you can't sit, walk, stand or sleep without feeling pain," Pete says. "It was really affecting me in everthing I wanted and needed to do every day."
He came to Rutherford Allied Medical Group for a treatment plan that could get him back on track--and out of pain.
Clinical Director Dr. Michael Cooney prescribed physical therapy with his chief PT, Namrata Rajderkar. Seven physical therapy treatments later, in conjunction with some prescribed home exercises, Pete is out of pain.  "I'll be honest--these guys are heaven sent," Pete says with a smile.

Need a physical therapy or chiropractic appointment right away?
If you have short-term (acute) or long-term (chronic) pain, call our friendly and understanding clinic for an evaluation at (201) 778-2061.

In most cases, we can confirm a day or early evening appointment this week!




Bergen County Man is a 30-Year Patient at Rutherford Allied Medical Group
Jan 29, 2018
chirppractor rutherford bergen countySid (left) has been seeing Dr. Michael Cooney for chiropractic/ physical therapy care for the past 30 years. In 1997, he arrived at Rutherford Allied Medical with severe back pain.
His MD advised surgery.
Sid felt otherwise.
Dr. Cooney used #chiropractic and #PT to get him feeling well enough to go back to work and resume normal activities.
He returned for care periodically through the years, recently coming in with a bout of #sciatica.
Five therapeudic treatments later, performed by Dr. Cooney, he is in 90% less pain.
If you have back pain, there are other solutions before surgery.
Call our friendly team at (201) 778-2061 here in Bergen County, meet with Dr. Cooney and starting feeling like your old self again.
#njchiro #topchiropractorNJ #BergenChiro #backpain

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