Patient Reviews

There is no higher compliment than when our patients take the time to express their gratitude for their positive chiropractic and acute or chronic pain treatment outcome with us. These patients have generously allowed us to share their feedback:



  • March 2017
  • Patient: Antonia A., East Rutherford
  • Condition: Sciatica and plantar fasciitis
  • Treatment: Physical therapy and chiropractic



Rutherford Allied Medical is awesome! They are helping me tremendously with my plantar fasciitis and my sciatica....wonderful girls at the front desk, Barbara and Cathy and Dr. Cooney makes you feel very comfortable. My physical therapist is awesome--she gives The Best massage! I really can't say enough of how wonderful these people are....Love them.




  • January 2017
  • Patient: Jenna C., Moonachie
  • Condition: Chronic neck and back pain
  • Treatment: Physical therapy, chiropractic, massage


​I love this place! Very clean and everyone is always so friendly. I've been going there for a few months to the chiropractor, Dr. Cooney. I also get great massages and physical therapy treatment. I always leave feeling great. They are like family I definitely recommend this chiropractic clinic above all others in Bergen County. I'm glad I came here!




  • January 2016
  • By Miguel Ortiz
  • Condition: Chronic knee pain; back pain for 40 years
  • Treatment: Chiropractic and physical therapy


I went to the office because I was in so much pain I couldn't even put my shoes on. After just one visit, I was able to get them on with less pain. I have had pain in my back for 40 years and after two months of going to this office, my pain has lessened tremendously. The service I received has been excellent and I am very pleased with how I feel today. Everyone at Rutherford Allied Medical Group gives 100%. I would highly recommend!




  • May 2016
  • By Nicholas Rojas
  • Condition: Severe neck pain and stiffness
  • Treatment: Physical therapy and chiropractic


I really appreciated that this office has so many very experienced professionals who help with pain treatment. I followed their instructions for doing exercises at home and I am recovered. I highly recommend this office to anyone seeking physical therapy and would go back if I ever have a problem in the future.




  • November 2015
  • By Deidre Estevez
  • Condition: Chronic neck and back pain
  • Treatment: Chiropractic and physical therapy


For years prior to being a patient of Dr. Cooney, I was always trying different doctors in search of chronic pain relief in my neck and back.

To be honest, none of the other doctors compared to the service I receive from Dr. Cooney has his staff. From the minute you walk into his clinic, you are made to feel comfortable and right at home. Within only a few weeks of chiropractic treatment, my pain went from a consistent 8 down to a 3 or 4. Dr. Cooney and his staff truly cares about their patients and their well-being, a rarity to be sure!




  • October 2015
  • By Neil Visone
  • Condition: Knee, back and shoulder pain
  • Treatment: Physical therapy, cold laser therapy, chiropractic


I’m happy to report about the care I have received at Rutherford Allied Medical for several different pain issues. Let me be clear--any and all of these ailments have been resolved—not just lessened. Over time, I have experienced continual pain in my knee, back and shoulder. I responded very positively to all the hands-on treatments performed by their professional staff.

(In fact, the relief occurs within the first few visits, thankfully!) What everyone says about this place is true—you are going to be treated like family. In addition, they will work with you if you are dealing with a tight schedule. This office is highly recommended. The staff is caring, courteous and professional from start to finish.




  • September 2015
  • By Nilsa Williams
  • Condition: Back pain
  • Treatment: Chiropractic, physical therapy


My back was so stiff that I called it “the rod” because it felt as if I had a metal rod inserted in place of my spine. The discomfort was unbearable at times; I couldn’t begin to sleep, either. I came to Dr. Cooney and within a month the pain subsided. Today, even a year later, “the rod” is still a thing of the past. Coming to this office feels like visiting family.

Everyone is super-friendly. The physical therapists are very knowledgeable and explain why and what they are doing to help you. The other staff is incredibly accommodating when scheduling appointments, also. It’s just a pleasure to come and talk to Barb, Hope, Alissa and Dr. Cooney. They are all great people offering the best experience in chiropractic treatment. They deliver results!




  • April 2014
  • By Kailyn Hess
  • Condition: Thoracic outlet syndrome and lower back pain
  • Treatment: Chiropractic and physical therapy


I had a tumble down the stairs a few months back and was very restricted in my movements. Rutherford Allied Medical Group was recommended to me and I gave them a call.

The front office staff, Barbara and Cathy, were extremely friendly and always welcome me with a smile (sad to say, this is pretty unusual in a doctor’s office).

​Dr. Cooney is the best and helped me get back to normal quickly. The physical therapists are truly talented and helped me feel great once again!




  • March 2014
  • By Helen Hepeworth
  • Condition: Arthritis
  • Treatment: Scoliosis resulting in chronic spinal pain


If there is one thing I particularly liked about this office, it was the personal interaction, honesty and integrity of the doctors and the whole staff.




  • February 2014
  • By Anita Dennis
  • Condition: Pediatric Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD)
  • Treatment: Calmare Pain Therapy Treatment


We will always remember and cherish Dr. Cooney’s help in getting our daughter to where we can hug her again!! You are such a special man and healer.

God Bless you and may He continue to use you to bring healing and compassion to others!




  • January 2014
  • By William Finn
  • Jersey City Fire Department
  • Condition: Chronic back pain


My experience at Rutherford Allied Medical has been effective and even pleasurable! Beginning with my initial consultation, the staff was understanding and flexible. They accommodated my particular needs. Drs. Cooney and Kelly are true professionals who successfully diagnosed and treated my chronic back pain.

The physical therapist, who is instructive, thorough and encouraging, is located in the same office, which is very convenient.

My job as a firefighter is physically demanding and now wearing on my aging body. But with the help of RAM, I will continue to improve which will allow me to perform my job safely and effectively.

I highly recommend Rutherford Allied Medical.




  • December 2013
  • By Gail L. Chirystaline
  • Retired Teacher
  • Condition: Wrist and hand pain


I have extreme pain and difficulty with my left wrist. The pain, severe at times, went from one side of my hand to the other for the past two years. Thankfully, my pain has been drastically relieved due to the stimulation, laser treatment, massage therapy and physical therapy I received from Rutherford Allied Medical.

The treatments were gentle but surprisingly effective. My results have been life-changing. I received therapy over the course of a year which was so helpful. Now I can perform my duties in daily life so much more easily.

Yes! I recommend these treatments to anyone living with pain!




  • May 2013
  • By Matt Hannon
  • Corporate Executive, Louisiana
  • Condition: Chronic Pain from Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD)


I traveled over 1,000 miles each way from Louisiana to get Calmare treatment and it was worth every second and every penny. It has given me my life back. I still have some numbness, tingly and temperature departures but I can definitely deal with this.

Before this treatment, I had not been able to walk more than 10-15 minutes in 2 years. Last week I was able to walk over an hour traveling through the airports using NO pain meds!

I also met two other female patients there who also had success with their RSD this week as well.

Even my family was skeptical, but this changed my life and I am very grateful!

Thank you all and God Bless.”




  • December 2013
  • By Ted Sobotka
  • Retired Police Officer
  • Condition: Hand pain, overall physical debilitation


I have been treated for various ailments by Rutherford Allied Medical for over eight years. My family doctor recommended them to me when I suffered from problems with my hand. Over the years, I have availed myself of their services to combat the damage done to my body as a result of my career in law enforcement.

I have always found their treatments to be non-invasive, gentle and effective.

Dr. Cooney and his staff are attentive, caring and highly professional ─ a first-rate operation all around.

I recommend this facility highly.




  • January 2014
  • By Irene Amitsis
  • Teacher
  • Condition: Disk pain, neck pain


The first time I went to Dr. Cooney’s office I was in severe pain from a disk problem in my neck. The whole right side of my head and shoulder hurt terribly. He x-rayed me, diagnosed the problem and began treating me.

One week later, the pain went from a 10 to a 2. After 8 weeks of painless, soothing electronic and manual massage, along with some physical therapy, I feel better than I have in years.

Not only am I free of pain, but other conditions that I attributed to aging (I’m in my 60s), such as stiffness, diminished mobility, chronic fatigue and brain fog, have greatly improved with each passing week.

Dr. Cooney’s expertise, warm and caring staff (and little or no wait time!) make going to his office a pleasure! I would recommend him and his wonderful staff to anyone in need of expert chiropractic care.




  • March 2013
  • By Cecilia Carney
  • Executive Assistant
  • Condition: Post-surgical pain


In all, I spent seven long years researching and experimenting with a variety of medications and therapies to relieve the pain in my hand after surgery. The pain was unending, 24/7–and excruciating. One day during a break at work, I read about Calmare Pain Treatment Therapy online. After thinking about it for a few days, I called Dr. Cooney.

Before Calmare Pain Therapy, I was reliant on medications like Percocet and Tramadol to fight the constant pain. But now, I’ve said goodbye to those drugs – for good.

Best of all, I am sleeping through the night again for the first time in years.

Now I just want to get back to doing so many things I used to enjoy.

Read about Cecilia’s experience with Calmare Therapy in the Bergen Record .

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